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Elevating the Art of Tea Drinking with Modern Design
Born in antiquity and cloaked in mythology, the exact origins of tea remain steeped in mystery. Nevertheless, tea is the world's most beloved drink after water.
According to a Chinese legend, the discovery of tea was entirely serendipitous. In 2737 B.C.  a wayward leaf from a Camellia Sinensis tree dropped into a cup of boiled water which had been served  to the Chinese emperor and herbalist Shen Nung.  The emperor tried the infusion, and, according to the legend, the tea drink was born.
Whatever its origins, we know that excavated tea containers dating back to the Han dynasty beginning in 206 B.C confirm its early existence and popularity.  Around that same time, the drink made its way to Japan from China when Japanese Buddhist monks brought it home from their travels around China. It took root not just as a daily staple but art in the form of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.
Today, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world aside from water. In 2016, Americans drank almost 84 billion servings of tea, or more than 3.8 billion gallons, according to the Tea Association of the U.S.A., Inc. 
The cloak of ancient mystery might remain regarding tea's origins, but so do its soothing attractive properties revered the world over. You don't have to perform a Japanese Tea Ceremony or even drink it daily, but when you do sip, here are a few things you can do to enhance your experience with this ancient drink.
The Teapot:
Tea connoisseurs prefer their tea brewed in a teapot. Microwaving your water and plopping in a tea bag is an option, but it's almost heresy to the tea lovers of the world! There is a certain sensuality (and satisfaction) to drinking tea from a pot knowing that you can enjoy a second or even a third cup within easy reach. The elegance and sensuality of tea brewed in a pot is an unparalleled tea drinking experience.
Our modern glass teapot honors antiquity while celebrating modern design. Its generous 34-ounces (1000 ml) capacity will satisfy the most discerning (and appreciative) tea drinker. With its sleekly-rounded curves and removable stainless-steel infuser, this pot is perfect for loose tea, bagged, or blooming tea. The earliest tea drinkers of ancient lands undoubtedly would be pleased with this pot.
The Art of Tea and Teacups:  
More than half the American population drinks tea on a daily basis. Whether the tea is iced or hot,  the true tea-lover will prefer it whenever possible to brew it loose-leaf.  Keep in mind that the quality of the tea matters. Purchase the best tea possible whether it's loose tea leaves or bags. A few tips to consider: black and green teas be long-leafed while herbals should include flowers or fruit with excellent color and scent to maximize both the flavor and the experience of sipping tea.
A teacup is a critical element to the art of drinking tea, ensuring an enjoyable and sensual experience. Unlike traditional teacups, our clear-glass cups let you watch as the brewing takes place - an experience unto itself. Whether using a tea bag or loose-leaf, you can see the tea swirl as it injects itself into the water strengthening your drink. It's a mesmerizing part of the tea drinking.
Brewing the Perfect Tea:
While the quality of the tea matters to taste, time equals both taste and strength when brewing tea. As the color of the infusion deepens, so does the intensity of your brew. Therein lies the advantage of our transparent glass teapot or cups. Those swirling clouds of tea infusing the water are your guide to the strength of your drink. The darker the water, the stronger the brew. The stainless-steel removable infuser makes it very easy to remove your leaves when you believe you have reached the perfect strength. If the tea isn't strong enough for your taste, just reinsert the infuser and wait a few more minutes while you watch the deepening color of your drink in our glass pot.
It's difficult to say how much time you need to brew the perfect cup or pot of tea. In many ways, it depends entirely on the leaf and the strength you prefer.  
We make tea brewing so much more pleasurable (and easier) with our sleek and beautifully-designed glass teapot and cups. We have elevated the art of tea drinking with this modern twist on the classic teapot design. We then further enhanced the overall tea drinking experience with the equally beautiful cups. We make it easy to enjoy the ancient ritual of tea drinking with Summit One's modern designs.
October 21, 2017 by Jeremy Montgomery