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Glassware as the Perfect Gift for Him
The holidays will soon be here! Finding the perfect gift for someone can be daunting, stressful, and often it’s a guessing game. Most of us are busy enough that we don’t need the added stress of running around to various shops trying to decide what to buy. If you are shopping for a man, the choices suddenly seem more limited. It can feel like running a race but never quite reaching the finish line. However, the perfect gift could be something you’ve never considered: glassware. Yes, glass.
Unless the man you’re buying for has requested a specific gift, you could find yourself wasting a lot of time looking for the right gift. Usually, the right gift is one he's not expecting, but happy to receive. Most men - stereotypes not intended - prefer quality and practicality over luxury. So, you'll need to consider whether the gift is something he can use and is good quality. Our glassware fits both: it's both useful and high quality.

Glassware for him:

Rather than purchasing yet another necktie or pricey electronic item he’ll tire of all too quickly, glassware is a game changer when it comes to gift giving. Here are four suggestions for glassware items and how you can elevate your gift-giving by combining them with other luxury items:
  • Whiskey glass, set of four: This elegant set is a must-have for the whiskey, cognac, or bourbon drinker in your life. For a special touch, include a bottle (or two) of his favorite liquor. Is he a cigar smoker? Take things up another notch by adding a box of expensive cigars. He’ll be surprised as well as happy with a gift that’s not just for him, but something he can enjoy with others when entertaining.
  • Glass coffee/tea mugs: The coffee or tea drinker in your life will appreciate our glass coffee/tea generously-sized mugs. You can give them with a bag of his favorite coffee or tea for an elegant, useful, and unexpected gift. If he’s a tea drinker, you can combine the mugs with our sleek 34-ounce glass teapot. If you want to take your gift giving up a notch, you can splurge and add a high-end coffee maker.
  • Glass teapot with infuser:  If your guy likes to brew his tea by the pot full, this show-stopping glass teapot holds 34 oz (1000 ml). It comes with a removable stainless steel infuser ideal for loose tea. It also can be used with bagged or blooming tea as well. It’s a modern look for the teapot aficionado who likes making their tea by the pot.
  • Glass Carafe: This elegant 50-ounce sleek glass carafe with stainless steel flip-top lid is perfect for the wine drinker in your life. But, that’s not all. It's heat resistant, and he can use it for iced coffee, tea, or infused water as well. Give him the carafe alongside a great bottle of red wine for an exceptional gift!
Any of these beautiful glassware items or sets make a practical but elegant gift for men. You can purchase them online from the privacy and comfort of your home without ever having to stand in line at a busy shop.
October 06, 2017 by Jeremy Montgomery