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Glassware Gifts: The Perfect Gift is Clear
The art of gift-giving can be a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned of shoppers. This holiday season, however, we are helping you to elevate your gift giving to a fine art form with Summit One glassware. Our products seek to redefine beauty, style, and function. Rather than individual attributes, we believe that products can (and should) offer all three. Our pieces will bring distinction and elegance to your gift giving - as well as someone’s home or workplace.
You no longer have to purchase ordinary glass, porcelain, or ceramic pieces. Summit One offers unique glassware for the discerning client in search of glass which offers excellent quality and beauty at reasonable prices. Our team has carefully selected each piece we sell for its quality as well as sleek elegance and versatile functionality. At Summit One, we believe in uncompromising excellence in everything we do and sell.
This holiday season, we would like to offer you our list of recommendations for the tea, coffee, wine, and even lemonade drinker on your gift list:
  • Glass coffee/tea mugs: It's easy to drink up with our eye-catching, 16-ounce insulated-glass cups! These are generously-sized and easy to hold whether you have a hot or cold drink in hand. You can gift these as a set of two or in combination with any of our other products for a generous combination. For the creative gift givers and refined drinkers, we suggest including a bag of good Italian coffee or English tea bags.
  • Teapot and infuser: For the tea lover, our show-stopping glass teapot should satisfy the most avid tea drinker with its 34-ounces (1000 ml) capacity. Its attractive and removable stainless-steel infuser is perfect for loose tea, but you can use it with bagged or blooming tea as well. Our teapot pairs perfectly with our glass mugs for an elegant and contemporary tea or coffee set! You can combine both the teapot and cups along with a beautiful tray for an exceptionally thoughtful gift!
  • Glass carafe: Our sleek, hand-blown glass carafe will serve up drinks while being attractive and appealing enough to be a conversation piece. Its stainless steel and silicone flip-top and insulated glass mean you can safely serve any hot or cold drink. It is perfect for most beverages including wine, mulled wines, juices, or iced drinks. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Depending on the recipient's preferences, you can gift the carafe along with a bottle of a favorite drink -  anything from fine wine to lemonade - for a great gift set. If you are feeling particularly generous, try two carafes with two bottles of wine: one white and one red and a recipe for Sangria.  If your recipient isn’t a wine drinker, we recommend the carafe with either your favorite lemonade or iced-tea recipe or bottle!
At Summit One, our Atlanta, GA-based company brings the ease of ordering with confidence. Our products ship from within the United States making your shopping experience easier and stress-free. We make it easy for you to give versatile but beautiful gifts this holiday season. 
The perfect gift is clear. Through our company’s ongoing commitment to excellence, we only offer high-quality glassware products which combine form and function. Whether it’s a set of mugs, teapot, a glass carafe, or any of our elegant and expertly-crafted glassware, you will impress even the most discerning recipient on your gift list this year!
October 12, 2017 by Jeremy Montgomery