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50 Oz Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Flip-top Lid

$27.95 $18.99

 ♥ Practical and Elegant Glass Carafe: Serve all your favorite drinks in style with this crystal clear, lead-free glass carafe. The glass carafe is perfect for serving water, wine, tea, juice, iced coffee or sangria

♥ You’ll Never Spill a Drop: The food grade stainless steel and silicone flip top lid forms a perfect seal with the neck of the glass carafe. You can pour with confidence and never spill a drop

♥ Handmade for Durability and Versatility: The borosilicate glass body of the pitcher is hand blown for superior heat tolerance, giving you a lifetime’s worth of serving hot and cold drinks in style

♥ The dishwasher-safe carafe is easy to clean and won't absorb odors or stains

♥ Pairs perfectly with our other glassware items like this set of four drinking glasses

♥ 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident in our premium glass carafe that we offer a full 30-day guarantee. Buy it, use it and if you aren’t happy with it, tell us and we’ll refund your money